How do you fix a shutter that is not opening?

It’s important to safeguard your shop from potential damage, theft, and vandalism outside of business hours. Many savvy business owners do this by installing roller shutters over their entrances and exits. Roller shop front shutters are easy to operate, require little maintenance, and provide strong protection against damage.

In rare circumstances, shops may find their shop front shutters aren’t opening or closing correctly. Since you rely on your shop’s roller shutters to safeguard your wares, this can be a very alarming discovery. Direct Shopfront has created this guide to help you troubleshoot your shutters and prevent the need for emergency shutter repair.

Shop Front Shutters Troubleshooting

They may look simple, but there are several complex parts within your solid shutters, especially if they are electronically operated. These parts all work together to provide you with the security you’re after. If something goes wrong with one of the parts, it can cause functional problems with your shutters.

  • Physical Damage: Your security shutters are sturdy and can withstand a significant amount of stress. However, they can become damaged if they are continually backed into by vehicles or are operated incorrectly.
  • Insufficient Power: Check whether your shutters are receiving power. This includes any batteries, plugs, or power sources. Also check that any fuses haven’t blown or that the power is out.
  • Stiffness: Another reason your shutters may be sticking is because of parts that have become stiffed or jammed. Try using WD-40 or other appropriate lubricants to help loosen up any parts that are stuck.
  • Proximity Sensor Blockage: More advanced automated roller shutters may have proximity sensors built in. Dirt and other debris can collect on the sensors and prevent your shutters from being able to fully open and close.

Emergency Shutter Repair in London

If none of these solutions have worked for your shutters, contact Direct Shop Fronts. In addition to selling high quality garage shutters and shop front shutters, we can also help you repair your security shutters. Inoperable shutters leave your goods vulnerable, so we know how vital it is to get them fixed correctly and quickly.

Reach out to Direct Shopfront to learn more about how we can repair your shutters and help secure your premises. Whether it’s grille shutters, industrial shutters, perforated shutters, or insulated shutters you’re after, we have the perfect security solution for you. Contact us today.

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