How much does racking system cost?

Pallet racking has been a popular way of storing materials in warehouses, retail settings, and manufacturing facilities since WWII. They’re designed to increase storage density and make the most of storage areas. If you’re a company struggling to make space for your products, a pallet rack system can make a world of difference to the way you do business.

Pallet Racking Solutions and Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet racking is a highly efficient way to store large quantities of products and work by utilising as much space as possible. Materials stored on pallets are arranged in multiple levels over vertical levels. By building upwards, they use the height of your storage area that would otherwise be left empty.

Even though your products will be stored up higher, you’ll be able to easily reach anything you need to with a forklift. Forklifts will also need to be used to place the pallets on their shelves.

Manufacturing Racking Systems

Pallet racking manufacturers have to adhere to specific standards and regulations to ensure quality and safety. No matter how unique your storage needs are, there is a pallet racking solution that can suit your business.

Direct Shop Fronts can provide you with pallet racking systems from all the leading manufacturers in the industry. There are several different types of pallet racking systems which allows for full customisation for your specific needs. Whatever the style, most are made of steel because of its ability to safely store several tons of products. Galvanised steel and aluminium alloys can be used as well.

Careful planning goes into each pallet rack design to ensure its fit for purpose. Other factors to take into account are safety, forklift accessibility, and ease of use.

How Much Does Pallet Racking Cost in the UK?

This is a difficult question to answer because the final cost of your pallet racking system in the UK will depend on its size, design, and what it is made of. Other considerations for the final cost of your pallet racks include:

  • The area the pallet racking system will be installed
  • How you want your inventory rotated
  • Costs of installation
  • How much you expect to load
  • Your desired storage density

Whatever your budget is, Direct Shop Fronts can work with it to provide you with long lasting and effective storage solutions. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs in London and to get started on making the most of your space.

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