Tips on designing a shop front

First impressions are important in retail. You only get one chance to introduce yourself to potential customers, so you need to make the most of what you have to work with. Even in areas with high footfall, you need to have a shopfront display that catches people’s eyes.

Direct Shopfront is an industry expert in designing and installing durable and attractive shopfronts. Once you’ve had one of our exceptional shopfronts installed, implement some of these suggestions to mark your mark within your community.

Use Your Words

Your shopfront window doesn’t have to just focus on products and pricing. Toughened glass shopfronts have an additional canvas to use because you can write quotes, phrases, and promotions on the glass. Find words that show who you are and what your company is about and change it up often to continually draw people in.

You can also hang signs or use your storefront for extra advertising. Use the space to give customers insight to your products, services, and special events.

Experiment with Themes

Themes aren’t just for holidays. Take a page out of a department store’s book and use your windows to create interesting, themed displays.

Tie your theme choice together with your products and watch people stop to look and learn more about your business. Being able to visualise your offerings in different settings can help customers imagine having the products in their lives.

Highlight Your Core Products and Showstoppers

Display products that have a proven track record alongside any others that go well with them. You can also feature clearance/sale items, seasonal products, and limited-edition offerings.

Best sellers tend to change over time so you’ll have the ability to revamp your display with fresh ideas.

Play with Materials

How you display your products and services is just as important as what you display. In addition to your brand colours, play around with different textures, colours and proportions to create your unique display. Even the most minimalist of shops can find complementary colours and materials to create memorable shopfronts.

Shopfronts from Direct Shopfronts

No matter how big or small your business is, Direct Shopfront can collaborate with you to create the shopfront of your dreams. Contact us today or fill in our webform to find out more about the best aluminium shopfronts and toughened glass shopfronts in the UK.

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