What is a Dutch canopy?

Dutch canopies are an aesthetically pleasing and functional type of awning that’s perfect for both commercial and residential purposes. The style originated in the Netherlands, which is how it got its name. They have a rounded quadrant shape that enhances the inside and outside of the property.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your shop front with appealing Dutch awnings, Direct Shopfront can help. With our bespoke shop front canopy services, we can revitalise the face of your business and help you stand out among the rest.

Benefits of a Dutch Canopy for Your Shop

Adding a canopy to your shop front protects your windows from the elements while also providing shade for outdoor seating or displays. Most types of canopies will offer these basic benefits, but when you choose a Dutch canopy shop front, you’ll be getting so much more.

One of their biggest benefits is their design. Their chic shape is visually appealing and will draw in the eyes of countless potential customers as they walk by. Their stable framework holds up well against all types of UK weather, a concern for many of us in the UK as weather extremes become more prevalent.

Additionally, a Dutch canopy awning will:

• Protect products in your window display from sun damage.
• Regulate the temperature inside your shop.
• Provide somewhere shady and cool on hot days.
• Help you reduce your carbon footprint and utility bills.
• Give shelter from the rain.
• Provide extra advertising space.

A Dutch canopy for your shop may be fixed, retractable, manually or electronically operated. They’re available in a variety of durable materials and can be made in modern or traditional styles. You also have multiple options for canopy colours and can choose a shade that’s a part of your specific branding.

Shop Front Canopy from Direct Shopfront

When you choose a shop front canopy or Dutch canopy awning from Direct Shopfront, you’ll get highly personalised service and attention to detail. All of our shop front solutions use high quality materials that are designed to your business’ specific needs. They will be as functional as they are long lasting and attractive.

Whatever the size of your shop or your budget, Direct Shopfront can help you create a canopy for your shop front that you’ll love for many years to come. Contact us today to learn more about DSF’s Dutch canopies and awnings.

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