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Custom Pallet Racking Systems

Maximising Efficiency and Storage Space

In the world of large-scale warehousing, where the seamless storage and movement of pallets are essential, having an effective storage system is paramount. Pallet racking systems offer a solution that not only facilitates efficient pallet storage but also provides ample room for forklifts to manoeuvre safely within warehouse aisles.

Direct Shopfront stands as a leading supplier of custom pallet rack systems for industrial warehouses in the UK. We have a variety of pallet racking options available, including sliding pallet racks, aluminium racks for books, pallet flow rack systems, and more.

The Significance of Custom Pallet Racking Systems

Streamlined Efficiency and Safety 

A well-designed and properly installed pallet racking system can significantly enhance safety, productivity, and overall efficiency within your storage facility. These systems ensure that pallets are stored in an organised and accessible manner, allowing for swift retrieval and seamless inventory management.

Increased Storage Capacity 

Custom pallet racking systems are engineered to maximise your warehouse’s storage capacity without consuming excessive floor space. This optimised use of space not only allows for the efficient movement of forklifts but also facilitates the storage of a larger volume of merchandise. 
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commercial Aluminium partitions

Common Pallet Racking Systems in the UK

In the UK, several types of pallet racking systems are commonly used across industries. Understanding these options can help you choose the one that best suits your warehouse needs:

  1. Narrow Aisle Racking: This system optimizes storage capacity by reducing aisle width, allowing for more pallet positions.
  2. Double Deep Racking: Pallets are stored two-deep, maximising space while maintaining accessibility.
  3. Drive-In and Drive-Through Racking: Ideal for high-density storage, these systems allow forklifts to enter the rack structure for efficient pallet retrieval.
  4. Push Back Racking: Pallets are stored on wheeled carts, enabling the storage of multiple pallets deep and facilitating the retrieval of the front pallet.
  5. Shuttle Racking: An automated system that uses shuttles to transport pallets within the racking structure, increasing both storage density and retrieval speed.
  6. Carpet Racking: Tailored for industries like carpet retail, this system accommodates long and bulky items.
  7. Flow Racking: Also known as dynamic flow racking, it uses gravity to move pallets, ensuring first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory management.

For more information about the pallet racking system, get in touch with our expert team at Direct Shopfront.

We are here to assist you in making the right choice for your unique warehousing requirements.

Benefits of Pallet Racking Systems

Convenience and Space Optimisation
Pallet racking systems are designed to maximise storage space without sacrificing floor space. This clever engineering allows for the efficient storage and retrieval of pallets using forklifts. When you save space while accommodating heavy storage needs, you’re also opening doors to exponential income growth.
Safety First
Pallet racks are constructed from high-quality materials that offer maximum strength and durability. They are engineered to withstand the demands of industrial use and heavy weights. As a result, these systems provide a safe and reliable storage solution that contributes to workplace safety. By preventing injuries and accidents, they help maintain a secure work environment.
Custom pallet racking systems offer a tailored solution that perfectly fits your warehouse layout and storage needs. Whether you need to store merchandise, books, or other specific items like carpets, there’s a custom solution designed to optimise your space and inventory management.
Ease of Access
Pallet racking systems are designed for easy access, making it simple for your team to load and unload merchandise efficiently. This accessibility not only enhances daily operations but also contributes to overall efficiency.
Inventory Managemen
Properly organised pallet racking systems facilitate effective inventory management. You can easily track inventory levels, monitor stock rotation, and ensure products are readily accessible when needed.

At Direct Shopfront, we specialise in providing customised pallet racking solutions that align perfectly with your unique warehousing needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Direct Shopfront for personalised assistance in selecting, designing, and installing the ideal custom pallet racking system for your warehouse. We’re here to help you maximise efficiency and storage capacity while maintaining the highest standards of safety and convenience.

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