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Classic Dutch Canopies

Dutch canopies are prized for both their practicality and attractive design. Their distinctive shape can add a touch of beauty and style to the exterior of your property, improving its curb appeal and grabbing the attention of potential new customers.

At Direct Shopfront, we offer a wide range of Dutch canopies, Dutch awnings, shop front canopy, and store front canopy to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your business in London. Our custom-made Dutch canopies are designed to make your store stand apart, creating a distinct street presence and leaving a lasting impression on passersby.

Benefits of Dutch Canopy

Our Dutch canopies, also known as pram hood canopies, offer numerous benefits for businesses:

1. Branding Opportunity: Dutch canopy provide the perfect platform for branding. You can showcase your logo, graphics, and brand colors, effectively promoting your business and increasing brand recognition.

2. Sun Protection: These canopies offer shade and protect your window displays from sun damage and fading. They create a comfortable and inviting entry to your business while preserving the integrity of your merchandise.

3. Eye-Catching Design: Dutch canopies add a stylish statement to your storefront, transforming its appearance and making it visually appealing. They create a welcoming atmosphere for customers and set your business apart from competitors.

Dutch canopies are perfect for:

Whether you own a:

  • restaurant .
  • retail store
  • shopping mall.
  • cafe, bar.
  • nightclub.
  • office building.

Our tailor-made and branded Dutch canopies are the ideal choice. Our experienced team at Direct Shopfront will work closely with you to design and install a Dutch canopy that aligns with your brand image and meets your specific requirements.

Elevate your shop with a stunning shop front canopy! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our friendly and expert team members. We take pride in delivering top-quality products and excellent customer service to businesses throughout London.

Discover the transformative power of Dutch canopies and create a memorable impression on your customers

Shopfront Dutch Canopy Services

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Direct ShopFront provide a choice of attractive, practical, and long-lasting entry solutions for the front of your business, such as modern doors that draw attention, fashionable roller shutters for your store, and branded shopfronts in aluminum, timber, or steel.

UK-Based Aluminium Shop Front manufacturers

Our UK-based manufacturing plant has been building high quality shop fronts for the British high street for over 25 years. We are a CHAS Approved Contractor, with work inspected and approved to a British Standard level. From fabrication and powder coating through to installation and glazing, finishing with locks and handles, every step of the process meets the highest standards for insurance and legal peace of mind. Every project is built to specification, and can be customised from start to finish.
Whether you want to choose a specific brand colour for your powder coating, need a certain specification of glass, or want to install matching roller shutters for security – each element is bespoke, high quality, and comes with a price guarantee. We have built an expert team over the course of decades, and now serve the whole of the UK with our high quality aluminium shop fronts from our East London roots.
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