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Enhance Curb Appeal with Our Stylish Wedge Canopies

Wedge Canopy

Whether it’s a canopy for a shop, restaurant or any other type of commercial premises, we at Direct Shopfronts will help you decide which style is best. 

The wedge canopy has been a consistent favourite and popular choice for many commercial businesses throughout the London area and beyond. They have a sleek look that adds beauty of your property’s exterior facade as well as providing protection from sun and rain. At Direct Shopfront, we can also customise your wedge canopy to advertise your brand with graphics and custom colours.

We supply:

  • Shop & Store awnings
  • Restaurant & Café awnings
  • Pub awnings
  • Office building awnings
  • Other commercial space awnings

If you need a wedge canopy or any other style of awning, shopfront, doors, or shutters…look no further than Direct Shopfront for all your commercial projects in London.


The Classic Wedge Canopy is a fixed canopy or awning that is designed and constructed with a simple wedge form. Wedge Canopy designs add an elegant and sleek look to a commercial property and are an economical solution for adding a bit of style to boring exterior facades.

Benefits of using wedge canopies:

  • Good for unlimited widths.
  • Can be installed on corners.
  • Can be installed on corners.
  • Excellent all-weather protection.
  • Suitable for side-curtains.
  • Good branding potential.
  • Multiple elevation coverage without break.

Direct Shopfront provide a full range of wedge canopies and different canopy styles. From traditional awnings like our Classic Dutch Canopy to more contemporary designs like the Wedge Canopy, we can assure that you’ll love the end result and be able to enjoy it for years to come. Whether it’s a cost-effective, classic or contemporary product that you need, we’ve just got the right commercial canopy for you. 

Wedge Canopy

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Direct ShopFront provide a choice of attractive, practical, and long-lasting entry solutions for the front of your business, such as modern doors that draw attention, fashionable roller shutters for your store, and branded shopfronts in aluminum, timber, or steel.

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