Factors to Consider when Choosing the Right Shopfront for Your Business

Your shopfront is how you introduce yourself to customers. It should not only inform potential customers of who you are and what you offer but should also make a lasting impression. Standing out in the crowd is a major component to staying ahead of competitors so your shopfront should be as functional as it is memorable.

Direct Shop Fronts are industry leaders in shop front design and can help make the face of your business attractive, unique, and inviting to your customer base. Here are a few key factors to consider when creating a distinctive shop front.


Branding is essential to attracting and keeping customers. You need shopfront signage that clearly displays your company’s brand and personality while also being informative. This will entice potential customers and give them a good starting point for their overall in-store experience.

Customers come back to businesses they relate to or form a connection with. Your shopfront should immediately make your branding clear and legible. This also helps bring customers in who may have previously only known you through social media or your website. Consider how customers will be able to see you from different angles and not just when they are standing in front of your entrance. You want customers to be able to identify your brand among the noise of a typical British street.


A shopfront is a major investment in your business, and you shouldn’t skimp on materials. You need a shopfront that will last for years to come and can withstand the elements and hold up under foot traffic. Spending more money now will save you money later because you won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements as often as you would with cheaper materials.

Consider aluminium shopfronts as they are as sturdy as they are modern and attractive. Pair your aluminium shopfront with double or triple glazed windows for even more longevity and durability.


After investing in high quality windows that will clearly display your products, you’ll need to plan how you want to highlight them. Displays are what customers initially see when they walk past your shop. You want your display to catch their eye and give them a reason to call in. Consider what you want to display, how to cohesively display it, and how to light it.

Regularly rotating and changing your display will keep the community’s interest and give you a chance to emphasise other products you offer. If you’re ready to choose a memorable, high quality shop front, then reach out to Direct Shop Fronts. We offer the best aluminium shopfronts, shopfront signage, and shopfront security solutions in the UK. Whatever your budget, we have the shopfront solutions to help you put your best face forward.

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