How Much Do Shopfront Awnings Awnings Cost in the UK?

To run a thriving business, you need customers – lots of them! If you want to achieve this, it’s important that your shopfront looks appealing and welcoming. Luckily, costly renovations of business premises are not necessary – all you need is an attractive and branded shop front awning to capture the attention of people walking by.

To learn how awnings can improve the look and visibility of your shopfront, keep reading. We’ll also give you some insight into the costs of commercial awnings in the UK.

Make Your Business Stand Out with a Custom Shop Front Awning or A Dutch Canopy Awning

Made-to-order shop front awnings and Dutch canopy awnings can completely transform your store by giving it a new and stylish look. Custom awnings for shop fronts come in a variety of fabrics, colours, designs, and operating systems so you can match the exterior design and branding of your shop.

Available as both manual and automatic, with or without LED lighting and wind sensors, retractable shop front awnings are the perfect combination of visual kerb appeal and functionality to make your business stand out from your neighbours. 

Bespoke Dutch canopyawnings are another equally functional and attractive solution for commercial shop fronts. The primary difference between awnings for shop fronts and Dutch canopy awnings is that the latter is fixed and cannot be retracted.

The Benefit of Commercial Awnings for Your Business

Commercial awnings provide improved kerb appeal and extra advertisement space that you can use to make your branding visible from far away. Awnings are a simple, economical, and attractive way to draw attention to your business – the more appealing you can make your business, the more likely you are to capture the attention of passersby and gain new customers.

Here are some of the top benefits of installing a commercial awning for your shopfront:

  • UV protection for shop window displays.
  • Provides shade and shelter on the exterior.
  • Creates the opportunity for more visible branding.
  • Expand your outdoor space.

How Much Do Custom Shop Awnings Cost?

Shopfront awnings are an affordable and convenient way to attract the attention of passersby. Custom shop awnings cost between £1000 to £10000. There are a variety of factors which determine shop awnings costs, such as:

  • Design
  • Fabric
  • Operating system (manual or automatic)
  • Size
  • Location
  • Installation
  • Branding (logos, etc.)

Whether you’re looking for a commercial awning or Dutch Canopy for a London high-street retail shopfront or a restaurant, you can find the perfect solutions for your business at Direct Shop Fronts.

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