How to Ensure Confidentiality with Glass Office Partitioning

Open office plans are increasingly becoming more common inside workplaces. This design models allows for more collaboration and communication among colleagues while also promoting closer working relationships. However, there’s one major drawback to this style of working: privacy.

Glass office partitioning offers a way for you to create safe and confidential spaces without impacting your office’s open plan style and flow. Private glass partitioning provides more privacy than you may think, giving you privacy when you need somewhere quiet to work or collaborate. From modern and innovative designs to more classic glass technology, there’s a glass partitioning solution available to suit your business’s needs.


In the UK, it’s a requirement for commercial glass partitions to have a feature called manifestations. These manifestations are applied to the glass to make it easy for people to see the partitions so that they don’t walk into it and injure themselves.

Glass manifestations provide an opportunity for you to reflect your company’s culture and personality. You can opt for more classic designs or have some fun with it by adding inspiring decorative patterns or your company’s logos to the glass.

Acoustic Performance

Since glass partitioning is used to create quiet meeting and conference rooms, you want glass that has controlled levels of acoustics. Request glass partitioning that has been tested to the highest standards for its acoustics. You should also ensure that the glass you’ve selected will adhere to this standards once applied to the specifications inside your office.

Structural Integrity

It should go without saying, but before choosing glass partitioning you should check its specs to ensure that it’s ideal for your needs. There are several different types of glass, available in a range of styles, thicknesses, and sizes. No two offices are the same so you’ll want glass that will hold up against the real-world environment you work in.

Safety and Security

Any glass partition walls that are along a fire escape route or exit need to be specially fire rated. The standard fire rating for glass partitions are 30 minutes and 60 minutes but higher ratings are sometimes available as well.

Depending on your security needs, you can add enhanced security to your glass office partitions like key card readers. Speak with your contractor to discuss your safety requirements so that your stylish glass partitions are as secure as they are functional.


It’s not just frosted designs that you can customise with commercial glass partitioning. Many of our offices are inside older buildings that weren’t designed for the type of working environments that are popular in our modern world. You want glass that will perform within your space, no matter how unique it is. For stylish and secure glass office partitioning solutions with expert advice, contact us today.

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