How much does glass office partitioning cost?

Most modern offices want to create a friendly and welcoming space that will boost productivity. One of the easiest ways to do this is by utilising a free flowing, open plan office design. Open office plan layouts promote company culture as well as foster collaboration and creativity. Other benefits of an open plan layout include their flexibility, improved aesthetics, and fewer barriers between colleagues.

Despite all these benefits, open offices have a few drawbacks with privacy being chief among them. Sometimes you need to conduct business or host clients in relative privacy, something that can be hard to do in a space without walls or enough conference rooms.
Glass office partitions are a simple privacy solution that still retains the look and feel of an open office plan. They’re modern and highly customisable, providing private spaces that won’t crowd your office or block any natural light.

Glass Office Partitioning

Glass office partitioning are non-load bearing panels of glass that can divide rooms into smaller spaces. You can find glass partitions in a variety of settings from residential homes to schools to more commercial buildings. They’re extremely versatile and stylish, able to be customised to suit spaces of all types and sizes. Their sleek aesthetics can also be a boost to the mood and productivity of employees.

Commercial glass partitions are becoming more popular because of how well they can be adapted for a variety of uses. They also have a lot of benefits when compared to other methods of dividing up office space. They allow natural light to flow freely throughout the space, they are cost-effective and easy to install, and they can reduce your energy costs.

Glass Partition Wall

A glass partition wall can provide privacy without the rest of the office hearing what is being discussed. More privacy can be added with frosted glass partition walls.
Even single glazed glass partitions can provide enough soundproofing to keep confidential meetings confidential. For less private business matters, a half height glass partition can provide a decent level of privacy. If your office is too noisy, implementing half height glass partitions throughout the office can help absorb some of the chatter and noise.

Enhance the productivity and aesthetics of your business by installing glass office partitions in your office. Get in touch with us to learn more about how glass office partitioning can revitalise your London workspace.

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